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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The sweet little Princess becomes a woman

The sweet little Princess becomes a womanUpTweet this!
Dear Honourable Sir or Madam,

Today I am glad in introducing you to my new blog. Unfortunately my SL free-time is very little due my different daily activities and it doesn´t let me write a lot. I´ve been very lucky in meeting very nice people in Second Life until now. I would like to thank you all my HRH Princess Manqo Foundation members for being such a great moral support during this short period of time since I was born in Second Life(SL) on the 17th of February, 2007. However, today while I was chair camping in SL and sleeping in Real Life(RL) after a 24 hrs of non-stop day work in SL, I received an avalanche of IM´s from a journalist requesting information about myself. After today events, I cannot say if i feel fortunate or unfortunate to have met him yesterday afternoon when we had a brief conversation during my free Photoshop class. His poisoning argument and hurtful suggestions that my charity work in Second Life are part of a fraudulent activity really worries me and for this reason I decided to provide more clarification. This is for respect to myself, to my foundation members and to my present and future good causes.

In less than 53 days (less than 2 months) I have learned a lot about Second Life, however, the amount of information is so vast that I know I still have to understand and learn more topics. Sometimes finding information is really appalling due the large number of SIMs. My life goes around in less than 6 SIMs and I consider there is more to discover. Unfortunately my duty as Princess is first and I am totally devoted in raising awareness of Climate Change issues and with my limited Second Life resources and without involving any external Real Life investment. From my point of view, Second Life needs to provide more certainty in its business model in order to encourage me to invest RL resources. I consider that its TERMS OF SERVICE has a lot "at sole discretion" in the linden dollar currency aspect. For this reason, my time, creativity, and commitment to the cause is all what I can offer at the moment.

Also, I would like to clarify that linden dollars obtained from your kind donations have not been used and won´t be used to cover any of my personal expenses either in SL nor RL. Neither this money won´t be removed from Second Life unless is relevant for the correct operation of HRH Princess Manqo Foundation. What belongs to the people of SL remains with the people of SL. Despite that literally I have worked to earn this money by dancing, I consider it not as a payment for my services but as a representation of your trust and good will and hope for a better world. Therefore I am only custodian and not owner of the money you have generously donated to the cause.

Until now, I have the custody of this money in my own personal SL basic account as many of you have kindly and freely donated after receiving information of my cause. As you can verify, on request and depending on ones time availability, nothing has been bought with this money.

The custody of this money has given me some trouble due the limited resources present at SL for dealing administrative processes like this. I haven´t found a way to maintain it separately from my personal income and expenses. However, as you know, in the account history is possible the identification of transactions and in my case I easily can identify income earned in my daily work as a chair camper. The rest, as a result is HRH Prince Manqo Foundation money that will be used for the running of different current and future activities such as textures creation, acquisition of land, staff salary, builders payment, advertising, etc. After all, I expect this organisation will grow with the time probably in a private not-for-profit or charitable organisation and more people will be needed for its operation. For one single person is impossible maintaining such diverse activities during a long period of time without affecting health and Real Life activities and other commitments. I thank my royal household for providing such a valuable support during this early stage of Princess Manqo existence in Second Life.

As you know, all these activities have been done with the purpose of raising awareness of the importance of tackling Climate Change and protecting the Amazon Rainforest, causes very close to my heart. Linden Labs, or any other form of official external or internal government does not provide any contribution to my purse in order to perform my duties as Princess, therefore any contribution you made will be kindly appreciated. If you think that your money has not been or won´t be used appropriately for this good cause, please let me know to reimburse you the total amount. My honour, dignity, and good name of my ancient roots and HRH Princess Manqo Foundation is what really matters to me and I won´t allow anything or anyone to jeopardise them. For this reason, I have decided voluntarily make public HRH Princess Manqo Foundation financial and environmental accounts.

In my short period in SL, I have received a lot of encouragement and unconditional support from different In-World and Real Life citizens and entities. As you know, the organisation that currently provides me with information about Climate Change is the new website They kindly send me by email information about Climate Change when I request specific details that Second Life citizens inquiry. Additionally, I direct Second Life citizens to some of the videos and information that has published for free. My personal choice for this website is due to the quality of information and willingness to provide me with a good and agile service. However, there is not a written commitment nor obligation to maintain them as my only provider of information at present or future. Recently, I have been in contact with a very keen scientist and with another website from Second Life that provided additional data about Climate Change. The selection of my sources of information about Climate Change are ruled by knowledge and experience on the topic and my sole discretion. does not provide me with a salary or any additional or partial payment such as payment-per-hits or visits neither I have granted them in return my prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment for the Environment. Despite uses a COM domain, they do not charge any fees for providing information to the public. As it only provides information, and it is neither a company, charity nor receive any income from sales, the website doesn´t have commercial registration and therefore is funded entirely by its owners as it is not a business. I consider this a good cause due that doesn´t look for profit.

Amongst my future plans in SL are the following:

Acquire an island (standard island order) with collected SL donations in order to promote Climate Change awareness, education, culture, and help other non-profit organisations in establishing their initial premises in Second Life as well. Unfortunately I act as an individual and do not belong to any charitable organisation and for this reason I do not have national or international charity ID number to purchase an island under educational or non-profit order conditions. However, my personal desire in doing active SL work for causes close to my heart and the less favoured is evident and neither SL or anyone will stop it. The creation of a charity organization in RL is not part of my plans at the moment due the little financial resources of HRH Princess Manqo Fundation and in addition it is a time-consuming administrative process and almost impossible task for one person at this stage of my SL life. If conditions are appropriate in the near future I might consider it as the next step in HRH Princess Manqo Foundation evolution. I feel lucky that there is a lot of people like me, my darling Robin Hoods, who are not part of a charitable organisation and that they are interested in taking action for the good causes. They are in SL not only for making money but for making a better world. In my case I do not look for any profit in my activities. Money does not matter to me, our planet does.

Another of my future activities focuses on increasing awareness of charities related to Climate Change, the ill, and the poor by promoting them during my public speeches, presentations, and by attending their galas and public events if time and lag allows me.

You probably have realised that the name HRH Princess Manqo Fundation is incorrectly spelled. The reason of this is the limit in number of characters when creating the title. I needed to sacrifice one letter in order to fit it in the short space and the "o" was chosen. The correct name should be HRH Princess Manqo Foundation.

I would like to point out that disclosure of personal information different to the name I have chosen to identify my account details are under my own discretion according to the Linden Labs Terms of Service and Community Standards. Therefore I do not have any obligation to provide my private information or data from Real Life. In Virtual Worlds, I am ManqoQhapaqInca HRH The Princess of Yaximixche, and if I am the same or completely different person in Real Life, it is my right to remain anonymous while respecting the law and conditions defined by Linden Labs. As all of you, I didn´t have the option of using my RL name in my SL account.

I came into SL to win hearts and minds in the fight of tackling Climate Change and protecting the Amazon Rainforest for the future of human kind. And certainly I am here to make friends amongst the citizens of SL and it is not my first objective of being a trophy for the media. For this reason, my interviews will be sporadic and focused on my official events and special occasions and they won´t provide private further details of my SL or RL. As a lady, I expect respect and good manners from any journalist during our encounters. My unfortunate incident with this disrespectful and uneducated journalist does not condition my admiration for this profession, their companies and positive ethos.

Most of you have recognised my royal status in SL, a few of you haven´t. However, this is not something of a big concern as I will continue my normal duties as Princess and by using my titles ancestors. I will be Princess Manqo for each one of you who want me to be your Princess. Having a publicly acknowledged and recognised royal status in SL will simply open new paths to succeed in the long battle I will fight against Climate Change. With my royal status and personal effort, I have secured access to a broad range of wise advisers from different areas that are supporting me with updated knowledge in order to fulfil my duty as Princess in the best manner, with dignity, honour, and pride.

Today, I have learnt a lesson from this journalist and as a result I have been brutally transformed from a sweet little Princess into a brave woman in a 75 minutes stressful interview. Being a Princess in SL seems to be as hard as in RL.

But this event won´t bring me down and I will continue in SL and other virtual worlds for a good cause despite destructive comments. I will carry on transmitting my message with good manners, happiness and joy to everyone in every virtual world.

I specially would like to give thanks to all of you, my friends in SL, who believe in the transparency and sincerity of your Princess Manqo and who provided me with comfort and kind words during these difficult moments. My love is for you.

Princess Manqo

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The Royal Army of Yaximixche

The Royal Army of Yaximixche (RAY)

Function: Foreign affairs, defense of the land of Yaximixche and support to HRH The Princess of Yaximixche in her duty in Second Life.

1.Organisations in Second Life and Real Life that damage the natural environment, and increase or cause Climate Change.
2.Organisations in Second Life that don´t provide public disclosure of fund raising activities in "apparent" support of real life charity organisations.

El Real Ejército de Yaximixche (REY)

The Royal Warrant of Appointment - Environment Protection Grantees

  • Mr Elvis Niven (Temporal)
  • Music Gesture Shop, The Gesture Shop, Mr Charls Stubbs (Temporal)
  • Mr Stirling Allen (Temporal)
  • Mr Pau Panacek (Temporal)
  • Mr Joke Whitfield (Temporal)

Recruitment at the Palace of Yaximixche

Volunteer posts available at the Royal Household :
1 Royal correspondent for TV, Radio, Newspapers and Blogs
1 Private Secretary to The Princess of Yaximixche
1 Royal Nanny (Bilingual English-Spanish)
1 Royal Nanny (Bilingual English-French)
1 Royal Nanny (Bilingual English-German)
1 Royal Nanny (Bilingual English-Portuguese)
1 Royal Nanny (Bilingual English-Dutch)
1 Deputy Private Secretary
1 Assistant Secretary (British English native speaker)
1 Assistant Secretary (French native speaker)
1 Assistant Secretary (Spanish native speaker)
1 Assistant Secretary (German native speaker)
1 Assistant Secretary (Portuguese native speaker)
1 Assistant Secretary (Dutch native speaker)
1 Press Secretary
1 Charities Secretary
1 Lord Chamberlain for the Royal Warrant of Appointment awards
1 Master or Mistress of the Great Wardrobe (Official engagements)
1 Historiographer Royal
1 Deputy Clerk of the Closet (All faiths)
4 Environmentalist Laureate (Climate Change)
4 Physician to the Household (Multimedia related conditions)
1 Royal Chef
1 Royal Gardener
1 Master or Mistress of the Royal Opera House

Jobs available at :
The Princess of Yaximixche´s Guards
The Royal Muses of Yaximixche

Please contact The Private Secretary Office for more information or send your application (your IM, Second Life age, country of residence, Real Life and Second Life experience, skills, time available for the volunteer post or job, and a brief letter of motivation) by notecard to both IM´s: ManqoQhapaqInca Qunhua and CW McMillan. All volunteer posts and jobs provide "grace of favour" accomodation, therefore you must be able to live permanently at the Palace of Yaximixche.

Current Personal Activities of Princess Manqo

Camping on chairs at the Alicia Stella Design Mall in Second Life to earn money for covering her personal expenses (skin, classic animations, and daily dresses).

Private personal valuable gifts

  • 1 Bichon Frise from CW McMillan
  • 1 The Princess TIARA white diamond boxed designed by May Rosebud
  • 1 Television SL Tronics Media S3000 v. 2.0 designed by Tue Torok
  • 1 Royal Throne red velved from Xinoxi Han
  • 1 White Winter Princess Evening outfit designed by Yohmini from SWSdesign & Saya Sakai Inc.
  • 1 Emerald and rubi crown
  • 1 Mother and Child golden necklace
  • 1 pair of Princess Diamond and Pearl Earrings designed by Living Light
  • 1 DeWonne´s ballroom gown
  • 1 Flexi Royal Gold gown
  • 55 Varied flowers
  • 1 pair of Black Pearl Hoop Earrings w/ Bling
  • 1 Body Shape
  • 1 Bonbon light blue gown
  • 1 Brown Skin
  • 1 Light Skin

Ecological Footprint - Princess Manqo. Worldwide, there are 4.5 biologically productive acres/person

Month Second Life
Jan -
Feb 0
Mar 0
Apr 0
May 0
Jun 0
Jul 0
Aug 0

Carbon Footprint (CO2 tons) - HRH Princess Manqo

Second Life Activities Second Life products Real Life Activities Total
Jan - - - -
Feb .00043 .0014 0 .0019
Mar .00112 .0019 .0012 .0042
Apr .00108 .0014 .0001 .0026
*May .00108 .0014 .0001 .0026
*Jun .00108 .0014 .0001 .0026
*Jul .00108 .0014 .0001 .0026
*Aug .00108 .0014 .0001 .0026
*Pending of auditing

Current Activities of Princess Manqo at HRH Princess Manqo Foundation

Dancing in different ballrooms to raise funds for HRH Princess Manqo Foundation and support her charity work.

Creating power point presentations about the Future of Climate Change with textures funded by HRH Princess Manqo Foundation.

Attending Second Life´s classes to learn and create her own dresses, gowns, hair, and jewellery and attend events to raise funds for HRH Princess Manqo Foundation. Additionally she is learning scripting for future projects of HRH Princess Manqo Foundation.

Providing information to any Second Life citizen about the importance of fighting Climate Change, its effects, and protection of the Amazon Rainforest by using everyday a tag over her head.

Giving talks about Climate Change by using power point presentations textures funded by HRH Princess Manqo Foundation.

Granting her prestigious Royal Warrant of Appointment for the Environment to raise awareness of the importance of accounting for sustainability (corporate environmental information) disclosure, and ecological footprint measurement amongst Second Life organisations.

Inviting Second Life citizens to become members of HRH Princess Manqo Foundation and/or The Royal Warrant of Appointment groups.

Writing HRH Princess Manqo Foundation monthly newsletter.

Selecting projects, organisations, events, and activities for inclusion and promotion amongst HRH Princess Manqo Foundation patrons.

Giving interviews about her activities in Second Life to journalists of different SL newspapers.

Organising future activities for HRH Princess Manqo Foundation such as land acquisition, building and texture planning, additional fund raising actions, and selection of Real Life organisations to support and promote in Second Life.

Maintaining weekly contact in Second Life and in Real Life with different valid sources of information about Climate Change and wise SL advisers.

Maintaining daily contact with members of HRH Princess Manqo Foundation.

Attending Second Life´s official engagements and giving speeches at new islands or SIM openings, *Fund raising events for charity, environmental conferences, art exhibitions, fashion catwalks, memorial and remembrance services, government and financial organizations meetings, and other private or public activities that request formally Her Royal Highness presence for gala celebrations.

*Fund raising organisers are required to provide information related to past charity fund raising activities and also written committment to provide full public disclosure of the current event financial accounts, a brief description of the donation transaction process, and the Real Life charity beneficiary contact details.

HRH Princess Manqo Fundation valuable gifts

Finances - HRH Princess Manqo Foundation

Period 1-30 April 2007
Monetary donations 3985
Land donations 0
Total Income 3985
Textures 40
Tip jars 30
Land acquisition 0
Land Tier 0
Rent 500
Staff salary 0
Total Expenses 570

Ecological Footprint - HRH Princess Manqo Foundation. @ 4.5 biologically productive acres/person

Month Second Life
Jan -
Feb 0
Mar 0
Apr 5 acres or 1.2 planets
May 5 acres or 1.2 planets
Jun 4.3 Ha or 2.4 planets
Jul 4.3 Ha or 2.4 planets
Aug 5 acres or 1.2 planets

Carbon Footprint (CO2 tons) - HRH Princess Manqo Foundation

  Second Life Activities Second Life products Real Life Activities Total
Jan - - - -
Feb .00173 .0014 0 .0032
Mar .00893 .0019 .0087 .0195
Apr .01728 .0014 .0021 .0208
*May .01728 .0014 .0021 .0208
*Jun .01728 .0014 .0021 .0208
*Jul .01728 .0014 .0021 .0208
*Pending of auditing

Talks on Climate Change

  • Mischief Cove (during one of the classes)
  • Center for Water Studies (at the end of conference "Understanding Climate Change")

The Royal Muses of Yaximixche

Working Hours Average per day
14-21 Aug
Georgina 6,3791 0,9113
leti 1,4411 0,2058
Yakira 2,5122 0,3588
Tamarind 0,1166 0,0166
Jannah 0,0433 0,0061

The Princess of Yaximixche´s Guards

Working Hours Average per day
14-21 Aug
Mucus 4,7586 0,6798
Vicent 0,4311 0,0615